I'm Tom Hadfield, the founder of Hadfield fitness. Now 23 over the past 8 years I've gone through the struggles of being overweight and unfit but I managed to turn my life around, being in the best shape of my life which has really made me a happier, more confident and a positive-minded person, which I want to reflect on others.

My name is Mitch and I enjoy training for the mental and physical health benefits it brings. I like to work with others and pass the knowledge I have gained through experience and research to help others achieve their goals.

I’m Jagar, 18 and I am a physique competitor recently winning 1st place in The Falls Classic competition. I like to exercise and train, taking my mind off the stresses of exams by hitting the gym. I spend 10 hours a week tearing my muscles and getting a beat down, but at the end of the day, I’m happier and more confident about myself.

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