About Us

The bravery of two brothers

Trident Fitness is run by a small team, including two brothers who founded the company – Oliver and Tom.

Oliver spent 13 years deployed across the globe in the British Army and became a Sergeant in the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (REME). Tom joined after leaving school and spent over 5 years deployed in many countries as an armourer in REME.

Both brothers value their years of service which built bravery and life-skills. They knew they needed to follow their true passions and this meant changing careers. But leaving the Army had a major impact on their mental health, which was tested by people’s comments and the stress of the unknown.

Today, after four marathons and four half-marathon's, Oliver has a core belief that strong physical ability can lead to a strong mental capacity. From facing a lot of negativity after leaving the Army. Tom now wants to help anyone who may be struggling see that anything is possible.

Their experiences have fuelled their belief in building strength and confidence in people. Trident Fitness embodies the ethos that the whole team stand by to help you achieve ultimate physical health and mental well-being.


Entering the unknown starts with a single act of bravery. Whether it’s a marathon or morning jog, you have to be fearless to get there.


You have to keep believing in yourself. You can’t stop the noise around you but you can choose to listen to your own voice and keep the faith.


You will face challenges, but your attitude will get you through. With the power to stay positive you’ll reach your goals and lift others to reach theirs.

We’re ready, are you?

Everything we make is tested by serving soldiers to ensure you have the comfort, durability and strength to reach your true potential. We provide the gear, now it’s down to you to be fearless, have faith and stay positive. Are you ready?